Since 1936, membership in the Vancouver Historical Society has been open to everyone who has an interest in the sharing and preservation of local history.

Past Presidents of the VHS
From 1937 (spring to spring)

2013-2015Robert A. J. McDonald
2010-2013Scott Anderson
2007-2010Bruce M. Watson
2003-2007Paul Flucke
2001-2003Joanne Savory
1998-2000Adrian Clark
1994-1998Donna Jean MacKinnon
1994 (part)Gerry Timleck
1991-94John Spittle
1989-91Cyril Leonoff
1986-89Dr. Hugh Johnston
1983-86Peggy Imredy
1978-83Leonard McCann
1973-78Robert Watt
1972-73Philip Yandle
1970-72Gordon Elliott
1968-70Dr. Joseph C. Lawrence
1967-68Neil Sutherland
1966-67Robin Brammall
1964-66Francis C. Hardwick
1963-64Gordon E. Bowes
1962-63Elizabeth Walker
1961-62R. Wallace Lane
1959-61Dr. F. Henry Johnson
1958-59Rev. Prof. F. A. Peake
1957-58Dr. F. Henry Johnson
1956-57Bruce Ramsey
1955-56Norman Hacking
1954-55W. Erskine Blackburn
1953-54Dr. Margaret A. Ormsby
1952-53Daniel A. McGregor
1951-52John E. Gibbard
1950-51Capt. Charles W. Cates
1949-50George Green
1947-49Louis S. Grant
1946-47Rev. William Stott
1945-46George B. White
1944-45Helen R. Boutilier
1942-44A. G. Harvey
1941-42Dr. M. Y Williams
1940-41Edgar S. Robinson
1938-40James R. V. Dunlop
1937-38Robie L. Reid
1937Dr. Walter N. Sage